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The site banner and corresponding smaller images elsewhere (e.g., Gravatar, Twitter) are provided by fair use courtesy of the British Library. The image is derived from the recto of folio 167 from the Lindisfarne Codex, an 8th–10th century illuminated Latin manuscript. Traditionally, the text is thought to have been copied by Eadfrith, bishop of Lindisfarne (d. ca. 721), with the supra-linear Old English glosses being added later by Aldred, provost of Chester-le-Street (fl. ca. 970; “Cotton MS Nero D IV”).

The pictured here is from Luke’s Gospel. In Luke 10:26a, Jesus initially responds to the lawyer’s question about gaining eternal life by asking him what the Law says. The text pictured here in the left-hand column captures Lindnisfarne’s Latin text of Jesus’ immediate follow up question: quomodo legis—”how do you read it?” (Luke 10:26b). Thus, especially with Aldred’s supra-linear gloss, the image seems fittingly to capture the essence of the purpose here—to focus on engagement with, within, and around the Judeo-Christian tradition in a contemporary setting.

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My name is David Stark, and I am an Assistant Professor and Director of Faulkner University Online. I hold a PhD in Hermeneutics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I serve on the peer-review boards for ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΑ and the Stone-Campbell Journal. I am also the New Testament and Theological Studies book review editor for the Stone-Campbell Journal and co-chair (with Paul Kissling) the “Jewish Scripture as Christian Scripture” study group at the annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference.

My main research interests include Pauline studies and the broader reception-historical study of Jewish and Christian scripture. Other academic interests include excellence in academic writing, the use of technology in the academy, pedagogical development, and theological interpretation. For more information, please see my curriculum vitae, or connect with me via one of the methods under “Subscription” in the far right-hand sidebar of each page on this site. Naturally, the views expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any other person(s) or institution(s).

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