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New Webhost

I’ve recently migrated this site to a new webhost. The contents of the site are all now available at http://jdavidstark.com/. If you notice any broken links or other things that haven’t come over properly, please comment on this post.

If you subscribe by email, your subscription should also been migrated properly to the new webhost, and you don’t need to do anything.

If you subscribe by RSS, you may need to update your RSS reader subscription to http://jdavidstark.com/feed/ to continue receiving new content. This may be true even if you’d previously subscribed to a jdavidstark.com feed while the domain was on this webhost. To check whether you are still subscribed to an active RSS feed, please compare recent posts at http://jdavidstark.com/ to those that have shown up in your RSS reader.

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