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Small Caps in Zotero

The SBL Handbook of Style (e.g., §8.2) suggests several abbreviations that involve small capital letters. It had previously escaped my notice, but Zotero’s rich text markup will support the use of small capitals in a citation’s prefix or suffix fields. Zotero will turn text into small capitals if the text is enclosed by: <span style=”font-variant:small-caps;”> … Continue reading

In-Browser Office Suites

Similar to rollApp, which debuted earlier this year, InstallFree is offering a no-cost web-based version of LibreOffice that can be run inside a browser and that integrate with various online storage platforms like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. For free, users can also use InstallFree’s Microsoft Office application to view Microsoft Office file formats with … Continue reading

Cicero, Rhetorica ad Herennium

In addition to the Loeb Classical Library volumes noted as freely available online at Loebolus and Edonnelly, the Internet Archive has available Cicero’s Rhetorica ad Herennium (Loeb vol. 403) in a number of formats. Another HTML version is also available from the University of Chicago. Among the work’s other features, it contains a robust treatment of memory, which continues to … Continue reading

Performance Improvements with LibreOffice 3.5.4

From the Document Foundation Blog: The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.5.4, the fifth version of the free office suite’s 3.5 family. LibreOffice 3.5.4 offers significant performance improvements over the previous versions of the product, which are the combined result of the many code optimizations executed during the last months and the bug and regression chasing … Continue reading

rollApp = OpenDocument Support for iOS

For iOS users, rollApp has now graduated into public Beta and is offering iOS-compatible versions of OpenOffice.org (now Apache OpenOffice) and LibreOffice. The LibreOffice app seems to have a bit of difficulty opening files stored on Dropbox, but my own tests thus far with the OpenOffice.org app seem to have worked quite well. Although these apps run … Continue reading

Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric

It seems like I’ve seen the site before, but Gideon Burton at Brigham Young University has digested a good deal of information about classical and Renaissance rhetoric at Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric. The site “is intended to help beginners, as well as experts, make sense of rhetoric, both on the small scale (definitions and … Continue reading

Viewing Nonprinting Characters in LibreOffice

Apparently, recent versions of LibreOffice have a slightly different defaults for what nonprinting characters will display in a document. Instructions for customizing these settings are available here.

Free Kindle Writing Resources

Now at number 8 on the list of Amazon‘s top 100 free Kindle books is Anne Stilman’s Grammatically Correct: The Essential Guide to Spelling, Style, Usage, Grammar, and Punctuation (2nd ed.; Writers Digest, 2010). According to the publisher, “this guide covers four essential aspects of good writing: Individual words – spelling variations, hyphenation, frequently confused homonyms, frequently … Continue reading

New Thoughts from Tyndale Tech

Yesterday, Tyndale Tech released the following series of helpful posts: Writing a Book or Thesis Research You Can Re-search Surviving the Death of Your Hard Drive Writing Greek and Hebrew on a Computer Translating Online Finding and Reading Online Books and Periodicals

Future Developments Preview at the Document Foundation

Just a bit ago, on the Document Foundation’s listserv, the following press release came out: “The Document Foundation is about documents and the associated software is pivotal to create, exchange, modify, share and print documents”, says Thorsten Behrens, a software developer and a member of TDF Steering Committee. “LibreOffice 3.3 is the first flavour of … Continue reading

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