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A Blog of Biblical Proportions

The folks over at a Blog of Biblical Proportions have compiled lists of the Top 50 Biblical History Blogs and the Top 50 Blogs for Online Scripture Study and have kindly included New Testament Interpretation among them. For the complete lists, please see Biblical Proportions. Advertisements

Stark Savings

Earlier this week, my wife, Carrie, started blogging at Stark Savings with some of the mass of the great deals that she finds and assorted other money-saving tips. The shopping results in her post from Tuesday about her most recent trip to Harris Teeter are pretty typical. Somehow, I doubt that Stark Savings will come … Continue reading

Peje Iesous

Christopher Skinner has begun blogging at Peje Iesous. Skinner’s blog synopsis says, This blog seeks to explore the historical Jesus, the canonical and extracanonical gospels, narrative hermeneutics, and the implications these areas of study have for modern followers of Jesus Christ. The name “Peje Iesous” is an English transliteration of the Coptic phrase “Jesus said,” … Continue reading

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