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The Imaging Papyri Project

The Oxford University Classics Faculty’s PINAX “is a digital library comprised of collections of displayed papyrus images and texts at Oxford.” Texts include papyri from Antinoopolis, Herculaneum, and Oxyrhynchus, as well as magical texts (HT: Charles Jones).

Cologne Court Circumscribes Circumcision

ABC News (HT: Michael Bird) and the AFP (HT: Jim Davila) are reporting that the regional court in Cologne, Germany, has rendered a verdict that makes involuntary circumcision on religious grounds illegal, although the practice remains permissible if done for medical reasons. The decision follows on the treatment of a four-year-old Muslim boy for post-operative … Continue reading

On the Web (June 25, 2012)

On the web: Joseph Kelly discusses biblical theology and history of religion research. Cary Nelson considers ownership issues for faculty-developed intellectual property. Rod Decker comments on ζῶ. Allison Friederichs discusses grade inflation.

Congratulations, Dr. Copenhaver!

Via Michael Bird: I’m glad to announce that my Ph.D padwan Adam Copenhaver has passed his doctoral viva. His thesis was: “The Colossian Heresy? An Investigation of the Christological Polemics and Socio-Cultural Background in Colossians.” Adam boldly argued for M.D. Hooker’s position that there was no specific “heresy” or “heretics” in Colossae, and Colossians was … Continue reading

Books on the Web (June 14, 2011)

On the web: The Society of Biblical Literature releases Christo Lombaard, ed., The Old Testament and Christian Spirituality: Theoretical and Practical Essays from a South African Perspective. Brian LePort comments on Craig Evans, Joel Lohr, and David Petersen, eds., The Book of Genesis: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation. Michael Kruger anticipates Carl Trueman, The Creedal Imperative, scheduled for release … Continue reading

On the Web (June 13, 2012)

On the web: Stephen Carlson’s dissertation on Galatians’ textual history is now available online in PDF format. Joel Willitts ponders “what to do with the story of Israel.” Tony Peterson reviews the recent Tokens show at Lipscomb University that featured Miroslav Volf, Saeed Khan, and Fred Gray, among a number of musicians. Brian LePort considers … Continue reading

Academic Stimulants?

Sunday’s New York Times had a disquieting article about a potentially dramatic increase in substance abuse among teens for the sake of improved academic performance: The boy exhaled. Before opening the car door, he recalled recently, he twisted open a capsule of orange powder and arranged it in a neat line on the armrest. He … Continue reading

On the Web (June 7, 2012)

On the Web: Paul Barrett is now blogging (HT: Michael Bird). The Israel Antiquities Authority issues a press release with further information about the recently discovered Bar Kokhba-era coin and jewelry cache (HT: Jim Davila). Ray Bradbury has passed away. Robert Woods posts a brief tribute and considers how Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes sits within Mortimer Adler’s … Continue reading

On the Web (June 5, 2012)

On the web: The new Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament is openly accessible online (HT: Charles Jones). Keith Williams reflects on the “clouded” use of technology in the classroom. Ancient World Online has a new plugin for WordPress.org users. Stephen Carlson reflects on the placement of the “burden of proof.” Mark … Continue reading

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