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Duguid, Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

Iain Duguid

Through June 11, the Westminster Bookstore is offering a free PDF download of Iain Duguid’s Is Jesus in the Old Testament? (P&R, 2013). Duguid has been at Grove City College but has recently joined the Westminster Seminary faculty. According to its introduction, Duguid’s essay (the text is a brief 33 pages of prose) has the following major components to its argument:

[T]his little booklet contends that Christ is present throughout the Old Testament. . . . I also want to explore what it means to rightly see Christ in the Old Testament. Not every attempt to discern the figure of Jesus in the Old Testament has been profitable. Some well-meaning interpreters have allowed their imaginations to run wild on this theme . . . . Finally, I want to look at some specific ways in which the Old Testament focuses on and prepares us to see and understand Christ and his ministry in the gospel. (6)

For more information, to order the print version, or to download the PDF ebook, please visit the Westminster Bookstore.


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2 thoughts on “Duguid, Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

  1. Where was the download supposed to be? The PDF on the bookstore only seems to be the first 12 pages or so.

    Posted by Megan Kummerow | June 6, 2014, 9:19 pm
    • Thanks for mentioning this. I see what you’re meaning. Besides the book preview PDF, there had been a separate full-text download link on this book’s page on the Bookstore website. It looks like you can still click through the link in the Bookstore’s recent newsletter (at the very bottom), but if you have difficulty there too, you may want to contact the bookstore directly for their suggestions and assistance.

      Posted by David Stark | June 7, 2014, 5:44 am

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