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Biblioblog Top 50 (July, 2010)

Jeremy Thompson has July’s Biblioblog Top 50 available. Jim West and Joel Watts again take the top two spots respectively. The top ten student biblioblogs are:

Student Overall Author(s) Blog Alexa Score
1 8 Stephen Smuts Biblical Paths 224909
2 9 Matt Dabbs Kingdom Living 228817
3 11 Mark Stevens Scripture, Ministry, and the People of God 240043
4 14 Jeremy Thompson Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog 328123
5 15 Brian LePort, JohnDave Medina, and Robert Jimenez Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 331730
6 16 Scott Bailey Scotteriology 342515
7 18 Gavin Rumney Otagosh 408591
8 35 Jason Eis Doxan 729697
9 36 Rick Mansfield This Lamp 736522
10 38 Brandon Wason Sitz im Leben 791601

This table should represent this past month’s ten highest-ranked bibliobloggers or groups of bibliobloggers who are actively seeking a degree. If, however, I have erroneously included or omitted anyone, please note that fact here in the comments, and I will make the appropriate adjustment(s) for next month.


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8 thoughts on “Biblioblog Top 50 (July, 2010)

  1. *chanting* We’re #5! We’re #5!

    Posted by Brian LePort | August 5, 2010, 12:04 pm
  2. Brilliant. Thanks for doing this up!

    Posted by Mark Stevens | August 6, 2010, 7:30 am
  3. Already have my degree. Thanks for the link though 🙂

    Posted by mattdabbs | August 15, 2010, 9:38 pm
  4. Apparently, the number 10 slot for July rightfully belongs to Rodney Thomas.

    Posted by David Stark | August 16, 2010, 12:13 pm


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